Daily Consumer is an exploration of all things ecommerce. I believe that we will continue to see commerce, defined as a physical good being exchanged for money, rapidly shift online. I dive into all of the layers that make this happen - from the brands offering their products on online stores, to the marketplaces, software companies, fintech players, and logistics providers that enable ecommerce transactions to occur. I share my learnings and observations in this newsletter.

On the personal front, I'm Damir Becirovic. I'm a Partner at Index Ventures. I've been at Index for the last 8 years. I love learning about consumer behavior and investing in innovative startups around it. You will learn about my investments if you subscribe as they often tie into the topic of ecommerce. You can learn more about me by reading my Notion bio.


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Example Work - Ecommerce Enablement Market Map

I maintain a market map of B2B software that serves ecommerce merchants. Please access the Miro board here. To explain the structure:

  • D2C vs Not D2C. D2C means a brand owns its customer and all the touch points with them outright. You know who they are, what their contact info is, process the payment, handle the support, etc. Not D2C means you sell your product via a channel where the customer relationship is obfuscated from you. The marketplace owns the customer, not you.

  • Customer Journey: This is meant to be a flow of how the customer journey works, from discovery, to purchase, to post-purchase and re-marketing.

  • Backend Operations: This is meant to depict the other categories of work that exist for a brand - merchandising, customer support, logistics, etc.


Damir Becirovic
Partner at Index Ventures