Hi there! I'm Damir. I'm an investor at Index Ventures. I've been at Index for the last 7 years. Investing in founders who are building category-defining businesses is my dream job and one that I hope I can continue to do for the long-term. You can learn more about me by reading my Notion bio.

My primary theme of exploration is ecommerce. I explore everything from new brands and marketplaces to software companies providing tools to merchants to become more successful. I share my learnings and observations in this newsletter.


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  • Funding and Exits: Highlighting emerging brands, marketplaces, software companies, fintech companies, and logistics companies related to ecommerce.

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Subscribers to this newsletter include people at the following companies. If you would like to raise a topic for discussion, please feel free to respond to the newsletter emails.

Example Work - Ecommerce Enablement Market Map

I maintain a market map of B2B software that serves ecommerce merchants.

Please access the Miro board here.

To explain the structure:

  • D2C vs Not D2C. D2C means a brand owns its customer and all the touch points with them outright. You know who they are, what their contact info is, process the payment, handle the support, etc. Not D2C means you sell your product via a channel where the customer relationship is obfuscated from you. The marketplace owns the customer, not you.

  • Customer Journey: This is meant to be a flow of how the customer journey works, from discovery, to purchase, to post-purchase and re-marketing.

  • Backend Operations: This is meant to depict the other categories of work that exist for a brand - merchandising, customer support, logistics, etc.

Example Work - Earnings Recaps

I maintain a document summarizing earnings calls for public companies across the categories covered by this newsletter. You can access it here.


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